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Welcome to Cindy's Bird Haven™ 's Official Website!    

We'd like to give you a little insight as to what we are about.  

Yes, the title may say "Bird Haven", but please don't be fooled......

Animals are our passion!

The goal for us it to help you to better understand the needs of your pets, and to help your pets to live a long fun-filled, caring, healthy, and loving life.  Many people desire to have animals, but forget that the vacations they plan and the man-hours the job asks of them, can often leave their pets unintentionally in need of a little extra attention and interaction.  So this is where WE can help.  We want you to know and believe that your pet can be happy!  Questions are encouraged to be asked and will always be answered promptly!

If you are in need of a pet-sitter, and feel your animal deserves better than a kennel, feel free to call.  Yes, there will be a charge, but know that your animal will not be locked up, will not be treated more or less as a prisoner, but as part of the family!

  Dog sitting in your home only!!

We also provide additional services for Birds, Dogs, Cats, and some other small animals.  Fees do apply - Very reasonable!  Please ask. 

For Birds, we can clip wings and nails and teach you how to do so, yourself.  We can help you and your bird get to know each other.  We can also help you learn to train your bird.  For Dogs, we have the skills for proper grooming, nail trimming, and training.  To clarify, with our help training, we can go from teaching your beloved companion a simple command like "Sit", to a more challeging task, such as teaching your pet to behave so well they will "Sit" in the other room while the family is eating!  Your Dog will even learn to wait for your approval to re-enter the room.  If there are certain tricks you'd like to teach your dog, we will certainly try our best to accomadate your request. As long as it is within reason.

"I personally am very passionate about animals.  I breed Cockatiels, and I love them!! I enjoy them so much, that I want others to feel the comfort and enjoyment from them as well.  If you are looking for a companion who is hand tamed, talks, kisses, whistles, etc., then my birds are for you.  I started out with 1 bird - a male.  Then, the following Christmas I got anothe,r who turned out to be a female....  The next thing I knew, I was rescuing birds and breeding them!"

**However we are currently not breeding at this time.**

"Before I was a bird owner/lover, I walked into a pet store, picked up a Cockatiel, and got bit.  Yes, bit!  And, although it hurt a little, it was enough to make me realize that it's not fair to the animal to not get enough human interaction.  My goal with all of my animals is to make sure they get one-on-one attention with me, as well as with others." 

~Cindy LaFord, Owner & Founder of "Cindy's Bird Haven™ "

Our long-term goal is to set up an Animal/Bird Shelter in

Portage County, Ohio.  With the help of other animal

enthusiasts, we believe that this goal is an 

acheivable goal and a strong possibility!

As this is a MUCH needed and GREAT cause!

Volunteers are ALWAYS welcome!

"My birds' sale prices are about half the price that the pet stores charge you.  AND you get the perks! - A loving bird, smart bird, happy bird!  It's that simple.  Money and profit might mean a lot to some people, but to others like me, it is about the well being of the birds and animals."

 ~Cindy Laford, Founder & Owner

Of "Cindy's Bird Haven™ " 

We also sell Bird cages and accessories!!!!

Please don't hesitate to ask!!

If you would like you can also join our forum!

Where you can post questions, comment, and feedback,

 while also reading other posts made by

 some of our fellow animal enthusiasts!














Welcome to Cindy's Bird Haven™ !

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